About Trujillo

Trujillo is one of the most historic cities of Peru and the world. Known worldwide as the City of Eternal Spring," Trujillo is one of the most visited destinations in the country. From the ancient ruins of "Chan Chan" to our popular surfing destination - "Huanchaco Beach" - Trujillo is the city that you should definitely visit.

Historic Center

In the Historic Center you can find many buildings dating from the colonial and republican periods.

  • Cathedral
  • Tinoco House
  • Iturregui Palace
  • Banante House
  • El Carmen Church
  • La Merced Chuch
  • San Agustine Church
  • San Francisco Church
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Cologne House
  • Emancipation House
  • Ganoza House
  • Marshal Orbegoso House
  • Trujillo's Municipal Theater
  • Pizarro Street

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Archaeological Remains

Visit the remains of the largest pre-Columbian city of Latin America - "Chan Chan", or one of the oldest pyramids in Peru - "El Brujo (The Witch)."

  • Chan Chan
  • Huaca del sol y de la luna (Tomb of the Sun & Moon)
  • Huaca de la Esmeralda (Tomb of the Emerald)
  • Huaca del Dragón (Tomb of the Dragon)
  • El Brujo (The Witch)

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Musums & Exhibition Halls

Trujillo has an overwhelming number of museums and galleries devoted to art, history and zoology, many of them unique in Peru.

  • Toy Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Emancipation House & Museum
  • Museum Huaca de la Luna
  • Museum of the School of Architects of La Libertad
  • Museum of Zoology
  • Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History
  • Museum-House Victor Raul Haya de la Torre
  • Museum Señora de Cao (Mommy of Cao)
  • Cathedral Museum
  • Casinelli Museum
  • Museum-House BCR

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Beaches & Countryside

Escape to Huanchaco Beach, famous for surfing, fishing, and handicrafts, or visit the countryside to enjoy the country life and adventure sports.

  • Huanchaco Beach
  • Moche Countryside
  • Simbal Countryside

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Trujillo has multiple international and national festivals of great recognition.

  • Marinera International Festival (Last week of January)
    - Trujillo celebrates the Peruvian national courtship dance - "La Marinera." Thousands of tourists visit Trujillo for the competitions.

  • Perol Festivities (Last week of January)
    - All Trujillo dresses in white and pays tribute to "La Marinera" on the biggest party of the year.

  • Huanchaco Carnival (Early February)
    - Surfing Championship, crowning of the queen of Huanchaco, creativity in the sand, and other beach activities.

  • San Jose Festival (14,15,16 of March)
    - This party is accompanied by procession of the patron Saint Joseph, a fashion show, the parade of characters, the pamplonada (running of the bulls), bullfighting and toromatch.

  • Spring's International Festivities (Early October)
    - Again all Trujillo celebrates, while thousands of tourists arrive to the city to attend the various events like the coronation of the Spring Queen, the contest of "Paso Horses", and parades through the main avenues of the city.

  • Festival Internacional de Canto Lírico (Noviembre)
    - Unique event in Latin America. Since 1997 Trujillo receives more than fifty leading singers of the international opera from America, Asia and Europe, in addition to recognized international Masters and Pianists.

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Still with energy? Have fun in the beautiful nights of Trujillo.

  • Bar/Restaurants
    • Bizzbar
    • 362 Bar
    • Bohemios coffee bar
    • Nuestro Bar
    • Tributo Bar
    • Wachaka Bar
    • Sónica
    • Hops Beer (Bar Restaurant)
    • Luna Rota
    • Rústica
    • Sopranos (Karaoke)

  • Clubs
    • Crack
    • La Barras
    • AMA

  • Peñas
    • Peña Segovia
    • El Esctribo Internacional

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